Photographic exhibition by Javier García

Inauguration Saturday, 23th of August, Festes de Sant Bartomeu 2014
For the festivities of our patron “Sant Bartomeu” in Sóller, we are going to arrange something very special in Ca’n Pintxo, a photographic exhibition. After having exhibited the works of artist Eva Panadero throughout this summer, the exhibition titled “Travel Photography” Javier Garcia (Granada 1974) will reside in Ca’n Pintxo for the coming autumn. Javi is an exceptional artist, he currently resigned from his job to focus on what he does best: traveling and photographing. Right now you will find him discovering the beauties and hidden gems of México. Therefore, we will have to cheer in his name for the upcoming inauguration of his works, but we are more than certain that the large group of friends will enjoy the evening in his name.
Javier’s intention is not to win prizes with his photography, due to his modesty only put in very small lettres on his website, the last exhibition was shown in the “Casal Solleric” and sponsored by a well known energy company. We are happy to now see his works in the walls Ca’n Pintxo.
As mentioned, “the main character” is presently making snapshots, however we recommend you very, very much to to take a look at his website, he will not fail to surprise you…(http:// /)
This exhibition is set within the program of celebrations of “Sant Bartomeu” 2014, where Ca’n Pintxo year after year collaborates with the village of Sóller. And it is very likely that we will have even another surprise for you that night! As for every special night, we will reduce a bit our menu to provide you with the service that you expect, it will be perfect to fill your stomach before continuing the night with some dance and music in “La plaza de Sóller”, remember to book a table, especially if you are a many!
Molts d’anys i festes bones!

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